Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 17,571 Gratitude: What's On Hand

I've been sporadic about Art Every Day Month and here we are halfway through it!  I love making micro collages and challenged myself to make one using only what was received, emptied or found today.  So, hello pizza flyer in today's mail ... incense and tea boxes ... fruit stickers from my morning smoothie ... gently fallen geranium petal from the coffee table.  I slathered on the gel medium and basked over how this small creation serves as a creative snapshot of this day.  Not only did this turn out to be a playfully challenging project given the self-imposed limits, but it had me paying closer attention to what was around me and where I might find interesting little bits to add to the mix.  Any art practice that helps me to awaken AND allows me to recycle is something for which I'm grateful! 

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