Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Giving It Another Go

I am giving Etsy another go. My first try was, eh. My fault. My fault entirely. I didn't do any research. I jumped right in, cannonball-style, with my mouth wide open, my stomach full, and my fingers crossed.

You get the picture.

I am relisting one I-AMulet at a time. Taking freshy new photos. Spiffing up the descriptions. Trimming down the prices. Looking at the lone listing with the eyes of a discerning buyer ... rather than a biased seller.

I keep editing. And editing. And not again!

If you are at all inclined to take a look at it and further inclined to share your thoughts, either here in the comments or via e-mail, I would be most grateful. Constructive criticism is a good thing. Hey, I welcome it! Okay, maybe not so much with the welcoming. But I can certainly appreciate the value in it. Trust me, I know that I have a lot to learn. I want to learn.

Oh, successful Etsyians, please show me the way!

1 comment:

pixie said...

WOW! Gorgeous, Julie!! I'm having so much fun exploring your site-long overdue.
Your offerings are beautiful!