Monday, September 20, 2010

Home Away from Home

This cabin was my home away from home over the weekend. I was dropped off early Friday evening and picked up before lunch time on Sunday. It's located at a Jesuit Spiritual Center here in town, just 20 minutes from my house. This campus is one of my favorite places in this whole wide world. The Little Miami River runs beside it and there's abundant nature all around it. Words cannot describe the deep peace that's available here and I soaked it up like a sponge. It was literally raining acorns from ancient trees. Squirrels, geese, groundhogs, woodpeckers and deer were all around me ... their medicine strong. In the past I have seen coyote here. Heron and vulture like this area too. I had an amazing deer encounter yesterday morning that took my breath away, but that's another story for another day.

If I hadn't been dropped off and was able to leave on my own accord, I would have done so late Saturday afternoon. I found myself feeling deeply sad. I guess that's what happens when all of the distractions fall away. There's nothing left but to feel what I feel. And so I felt it, the sadness, and guess what? It went away. No big deal. I didn't attach any particular importance or concern to it and it simply ran its course. By Sunday morning, I was back to feeling better and more balanced.

I'll share more about the weekend in the days ahead. I'm rereading my journal entries and trying to process it all. I just wanted to check in with you this morning, say hello, and wish you a wonderful week. Remember, the Autumnal Equinox arrives this Wednesday, September 22 (and the Full Moon arrives on Thursday, September 23). How are you welcoming autumn in your life?


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Julie. I'm glad you were able to soak in some silence and solitude this weekend. xo

Annette said...

So glad you received what you needed. My thoughts were with you. I've been in a self-imposed retreat within my normal life for a while now. I can't tell if I'm nurturing or defending myself. Perhaps a real retreat like yours would help. Your example is an important one - that when you relax and experience (and not attach to) the uncomfortable emotions, they run their natural course and move on so you can too. I always need the reminder. Thanks!