Friday, September 17, 2010

Preparing to Retreat

This evening, with excitement, anticipation, and a twinge of trepidation, I begin a solo silent retreat. I will make my way to a local hermitage where I will commune with nature and myself through the weekend. A honeymoon with the me that is Me.

My 45th birthday is fast approaching. The expanse between 40 and 50 feels gigantic and sobering. Soon I will sit squarely in between them. Mother to crone. Making peace with that fact is a good thing. Celebrating it is even better.

Everything in my life these days signals the transition to a new chapter. Even those situations and relationships that forge forward have shifted (some dramatically) in terms of both challenge and the potential for fulfillment. I really need to quiet things down in my head to fully grasp what this means. I'm also longing for the kind of renewal that only silence and deep rest can bring.

If you are inclined to send prayers to light my way this weekend, it would be greatly appreciated. I promise to return in a couple of days with images and reflections from this outward journey inward. In the meantime, be peace.

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