Thursday, October 14, 2010


The last quarter of 2010 has brought cool breezes, falling leaves, and my annual compulsion to simplify. I'm not a spring-cleaner by nature. This happens for me in autumn as my family and I prepare to nest indoors. October brings me the blank canvas of a fresh solar year. Marching orders are crystal clear. Out with the old and then gently hold the space to welcome the new.

I'm looking closely at how my days are spent and the hours/minutes within them. I have been starving for time here on the page and at my workbench. I am committed to clearing the literal and figurative clutter to find it. My well-being must be in good order before I can be of any help to anyone else. For me, quite simply, well-being = my arts.

My 2011 calendar arrived in the mail yesterday, along with my "worthy" necklace. Not a coincidence, I'm sure. This new calendar is a wee, red Moleskine. The wrapper will stay on it until January 1. But holding it between my hands, it's already telling me stories of new beginnings ... opportunities and dreams. So many good things for which to make room!

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