Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Path Ahead

My 45th birthday was spent on a day-long play date with my husband. We started bright and early with breakfast of the pancake persuasion at a local restaurant. (They had me at "blueberry compote.") Then it was off to the Cincinnati Nature Center for a bit of autumnal hiking. We had lunch at our newest favorite restaurant. And then, of all things, we started to clean out the garage when we got home. There wasn't even a whiff of this happening on our agenda. I guess the motivation was spawned from wanting to access the Halloween decorations that haven't seen the light of day for a couple of years. Next thing you know, we're pitching what needed pitching, changing and rearranging. Out with the old and, well, just out with the old. It felt great!

I think that the path ahead looks a lot like the hike that we took this morning. Each step has a way of revealing itself. No need to rush or make assumptions about what's coming over the hill or around the bend. Better just to take my time and enjoy where I'm at each moment of the journey and to trust that all is well.

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VisionWise said...

I like the way you think Julie... :)
That sounds like a great day with your husband too...
Funny because I can totally see us doing the exact things you did... even cleaning the garage! Quality time right... Much love to you, and Happy 45th Birthday xoxo