Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 4 of 60: Turquoise

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Turquoise melds together the blue of the heavens and the green/brown of the earth. It strengthens and aligns all chakras and meridians. Native Americans considered it to be a protective stone and a bestower of goodness. There is a myth that turquoise will change color to warn of danger! It is a master healer with its purifying energy. It can be grounding and yet support the meditative state of "no mind." Its soothing energy can bring peace of mind. It's an excellent anti-negativity stone.

This pendant is lovingly hand-wrapped in sterling silver wire. It is about 1.75" in length and 1.00" wide and it has been charged with Reiki. It will include an 18" black satin cord necklace so that it is ready-to-wear and will be sent in a 2"x3" white box for gift-giving.

It is available for $38 plus $3 shipping via first-class mail, but if you "Like" the Magic Beans Workshop page on Facebook, shipping is free. E-mail me to purchase.

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