Monday, September 19, 2011

Magic Beans 60 in 60

Yesterday, I mentioned how, at long last, I sat at my workbench and took inventory of how many gemstones and crystals I had collected for wire-wrapping. Honestly, I was stunned. Some of them have been in the queue since as far back as 2004. No kidding! Some crystals were procured locally ... others in Sedona ... a few others in Taos. It's time for all of them to be where and with whom they can work their magic in order to make room for a new inventory in 2012.

That said, I have committed to wire-wrapping my entire inventory -- all 60 stones -- in 60 days. Today is Day 1. By adopting one of these 60 pendants, you will help to send me to the Animal Reiki Source Reiki III class at the C.A.R.E. Foundation in Apopka, Florida, February 23-25, 2012. This is an exciting opportunity and I'm delighted that 25% of my tuition will be donated to support this wonderful exotic animal rescue and wildlife education facility.

So how does "60 in 60" work?

Everyday there will be a new pendant wrapped and a post on this blog with details about it. Consider it first dibs. If you are interested in making it yours, contact me via e-mail and we will work out the payment details between us. It's that easy. Want to make it even easier? "Like" the Magic Beans Workshop Facebook page and first-class shipping is free!

Be advised that, at some point, unclaimed pendants will be added to my Etsy store. And if the logistics can be arranged and enough unclaimed pendants warrant it, there may be an open house on the horizon for local folks. I will keep you posted if/as these next steps unfold.

Please spread the word to those who may be interested. The Day 1 pendant will be posting soon and it's a beauty!


Jennifer/The Word Cellar said...

This is a fantastic project, Julie! I love it.

Jakk said...

Thanks so much, Jenna! It feels good to get back to wrapping and will be fun to see the finished pieces go out into the world. It's long overdue.