Wednesday, July 25, 2007

07-0724: Sunstone in Argentium

What's not to love about Sunstone ... especially at the peak of summer? What the heck is Argentium, you ask? It is an extremely tarnish-resistant Sterling Silver alloy containing more germanium than standard Sterling. I've purchased a little bit of it in several different wire gauges in order to see if it is "feels" any different than regular Sterling Silver. After using it for two pendants, I can say that, so far, I detect no difference in "wrap-ability" or appearance. I guess it is one of those things where time will tell.

I have always provided my customers with a small zip-top bag to store their pendants and earrings when they aren't being worn. This keeps their pieces bright and shiny, looking like new. But, goodness knows, I'm guilty of leaving my own jewelry pieces unprotected most of the time, because I can't be bothered with tracking down those wayward zip-top bags. Trust me, they don't tarnish overnight. But, when they do, they take on an antique patina that often compliments the design. In other words, I don't mind. But Argentium-wrapped creations will be a treat for those who, unlike me, DO mind the tarnish, but, like me, aren't always diligent about storing their pieces after they wear them.

Please visit here for more info on this particular pendant.

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