Thursday, July 5, 2007

Reiki Tails

Unfortunately, the holiday has kept us from visiting the shelter this week, but I did receive some great (although bittersweet) news via the volunteer newsletter. Our old friend, Tangelo, was adopted. You can see his photo in the slide show from last week's Reiki Tails post. Tangelo was a Hurricane Katrina rescue, along our big and beloved orange fella, Garrett. They arrived at the shelter in October 2005, about a year before we started volunteering there. My family and I adopted Garrett (and his kitty girlfriend, Tansy) in January of this year. Tangelo and Garrett could be twins. For months, I've felt sad that Tangelo still waited for a forever home while Garrett had settled in with us. So I am happy to know that Tangelo has finally been adopted, but a bit misty knowing that we won't ever see him again.

That is really the only hard part of volunteering at the shelter. I get attached. Try as I may, I just can't help it. As much as we want them to be adopted as soon as possible, we really do look forward to our time with them each week. This is a WONDERFUL shelter and, believe me, these cats could not ask for a nicer place to await adoption. But it's not a home ... it's not the same as having a family to love and live with.

So when my daughter and I arrive to discover that one of our best feline friends has been adopted, we may feel sad at first, but promptly remind each other that it is really good news and a big part of our "job" there. We try to take comfort in the new friends to be made. And there will always be enough room, in our hearts and our laps, for old friends AND the newest arrivals.

Congratulations also go out to Bright, from the photos last week, as he was adopted since our last visit as well. Such a sweet boy ... I'm not the least bit surprised. He preferred receiving Reiki from his perch in the window above my head, where the sun could warm him as well. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to offer Reiki to him and I certainly wish him well in his new home.

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