Friday, July 20, 2007

Reiki Tails

We had a very busy visit at the shelter this week! Three kitties (Callie, Pixie and Itsu) were adopted and going to their new home while we were there. And the beautiful Sebring, who shared a room with our Garrett and Tansy, was adopted as well but had yet to be picked up by her new owner ... which gave us an opportunity to say goodbye.

I've said it before. I'll say it again. Bittersweet. I'm just amazed at how many of the long-timers have been adopted recently. Some of these cats have been there for two, three, four years or more! Every cat that leaves for its forever home makes room for another cat awaiting one, so it's all good news. But I will also miss seeing the sweet faces of my old friends ... they will be missed.

Miss Pickle was feeling extremely friendly this visit, when usually she is shy or just plain disinterested. She was up for hands-on Reiki this time.

Poor Juliette appears to be taking a beating lately. I guess there is a bit of competition/intimidation going on. I'm not sure who is scratching her up, but I've notified the "authorities" and I'm sure they'll keep their eye on things. I hope she gets moved to a different room. She didn't want to hop down from her bed, but she was happy to be petted.

Wren was eager for hands-on Reiki. I thought that she was just a kitten, but she is a petite two year old. Lots of energy!

ZeeZee (who may be Benny, because I think we have the names in this room mixed up, but we'll just call him Mr. Moustachio)encroached on Wren's treatment, wanting Reiki too.

Scrunchie was open to being petted this visit, but on her terms.

Room 6 was busy, busy. Callie came up to say hello ... or goodbye. Such a beautiful, sweet calico girl with the biggest eyes. Pixie was eager for hands-on. Tiki wanted hands-on as well. And my big buddy, Sid, was eagerly waiting for us at the door.

Tulip (the sister of our cat, Tansy) was surprisingly outgoing when we stopped by, which is unusual for a hider like her. She is very shy and apprehensive about contact. This time she wanted to be petted. I hope this means that she will be adopted soon.

The kitten room was PACKED and there were other volunteers there, so I wasn't able to offer Reiki like I would have wanted, but all of the litters are doing great.

Until next week's report, enjoy the pictures.

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