Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reiki Tails for Visit on July 24th

We had an abbreviated visit to the shelter yesterday because my daughter wasn't feeling very well. We started with Room 7, as usual, which is almost empty in comparison to the other rooms. Since Sebring went to her forever home, that left Toby, Tulip and Sharley. They moved Ozark in there for additional company. Toby was affectionate but a bit wound up, too, as displayed in the photo of him eating his bed. There were no Reiki-takers in Room 6, but our buddies Georgy and Sid were happy to see us. In Room 5, Spring jumped right into my lap for Reiki, but only stayed five minutes or so. Carmen, a long-time resident, has never paid any attention to me before this visit, but she hopped right into my lap like a pro. She seemed really happy to receive the energy. In Room 4, there were no takers for hands-on, but Kitty Frances loved being petted in her bed. I love this picture of her ... such a sweet, sweet face. In Room 3, Velveteen was happy to have some Reiki. It had been a couple of weeks. My daughter and I found Caroline hiding outside in a plastic house. I've got a big soft spot for Caroline ... she went through so much before arriving at the shelter a few years ago. Witnesses saw her and her kittens being thrown from a car! When the vet checked her, he discovered that she had been shot with BBs. After all that she has endured, I doubt that she will ever trust me enough to jump in my lap for hands-on Reiki. But after we coaxed her out of hiding, she let me pet her instead of running away from us. That's a very good sign. In Room 2, Bela Legosi wanted to be held. I was squatted down checking on Juliette and he jumped up in my arms. I got the hint. We didn't get to spend time in Room 1 this visit because it was being cleaned. The kitten room is still overflowing. The A-Kittens were purported to have some, um, gastrointestinal issues. I didn't handle them, but sent some Reiki from outside of the cage. For not feeling well, they sure were frolicky.

As far as recent adoptions go, Wren found a forever home since our last visit. I'm not surprised at all. Callie, Pixie and Itsu were still there, though. We thought they went to their new home when we last visited, but they're still on hold. It was nice to get to see them one more time.

Stay tuned until next week!

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