Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 16,160

APPRECIATING ... our fireplace insert which is going a long way toward keeping us warm when the mornings start in the single digits. I'm like a cat curling up in the welcome warmth.

CELEBRATING ... signs that my daughter's virus may be fading away. Not that it didn't give us a hearty fight. I swear, her age is irrelevant ... I am always going to be a bit hand-wriggy when she gets sick and celebrate the slightest signs of her recovery. It must be a mom thing.

BASKING ... in huge mugs of hot tea, tall glasses of fresh juice, a steamy pot of homemade chicken soup, and the superpowers I get from green smoothies.

SAVORING ... this very last day of vacation for us all. Makes me feel a smidge of melancholy. Tomorrow it is back to work and our daily routine. Ready or not. Some things will change. Most things will stay the same. But, hopefully, we are well fortified by our time off and all of the time that we've spent together.

PRAISING ... myself for going to the gym for the very first time in my life. Two days in a row, at that. (Today should make it three.) I started on January 1 by (finally) accepting my husband's (millionth)invitation to join him. Bless his heart! He has been so supportive and gentle in his coaxing. Now I just need to get him to employ the same tactics to get me back to the workbench!

Tell me, tell me, tell me what you are appreciating, celebrating, basking, savoring, and praising today!

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