Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear 2009

I know it seems like I'm running a bit late with this letter, but the first New Moon of 2010 doesn't arrive until this Friday, so there is still time for me to bid you adieu.

Thank you, 2009, for everything. My first ever trip to California! Thank you for enough time in San Francisco to visit Grace Cathedral and walk the outdoor labyrinth there. Thank you for time for pictures, too ... one was even published. Love those happy surprises! Thank you for the reason I went to California in the first place, to take the Shinpiden course with Frans Stiene. Thank you for the opportunity to finally meet Kathleen in person and so many amazing classmates. Thank you for my trusty and patient traveling companion, Mary. Thank you for our visit to Muir Woods. Thank you for Mighty Leaf tea and croissants. And thank you for the view from Tiburon.

Thank you, 2009, for the week at the beach in Florida. Always feels like coming home. Summer storms, Cubbies games, ghost tours and Flagler Coffee. Thank you. Thank you, too, for the August weekend in Chicago. The Bean, Beluga whales and farewell breakfast at West Egg. Thank you. Love that city and love seeing it through the eyes of my husband and child.

Thank you, 2009, for the promotion that I had pretty much given up hope of receiving. Thank you for what may unfold as a result. Thank you for giving me the fortitude to stay the course and let it all play out ... to make peace, if not friends, with uncertainty.

Thank you, 2009, for helping me to hang on to my dream for Jakk's Magic Beans Workshop and reminding me that there is always plenty of time. Thank you for showing me in some way, every day, how much art and Reiki mean to me and how important they are to my wellbeing. Thank you for sending me inspiration when I needed it most. And thank you for second, third, fourth and fifth chances.

Thank you, 2009, for bringing me, at long last, to texting and Facebook. These have made connecting and keeping in touch with friends, near and far, so much easier. No. More. Excuses. Thank you for my 25th high school reunion last summer. Thank you for big hugs that were decades overdue and childhood friendships renewed. And thank you for so many new friendships too.

Thank you, 2009, for my good health and that of those I love. Thank you for the numerous ways in which I was blessed throughout the year. For all that I touched, tasted, heard, and saw in 2009, thank you. For all that I appreciated, celebrated, and savored, thank you.

Thank you most of all, 2009, for the wisdom to know how good I had it over the last year and the good sense not to take one drop of it for granted.


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