Thursday, January 7, 2010

Teesha Moore Journaling Videos

Teesha Moore is a talented artist and playful (my theme for 2010) inspiration to me. I was thrilled to pieces when she posted videos in November on how to make a 16-page art journal from scratch. She walks us through the process, step-by-step, at an easy-to-follow pace. The best part is watching her bring the journal to life. Drool. I have setup the video posts here as a bookmark page so that they will be handy for us when we're ready to play along. I dare you to resist!

How To: 16 Page Journal

First Layer: Paint

White Page Journaling

Collage 1 of 4

Collage 2 of 4

Collage 3 of 4

Collage 4 of 4

Penwork 1 of 4

Penwork 2 of 4

Penwork 3 of 4

Penwork 4 of 4

Lettering 1 of 2

Lettering 2 of 2

Supplies for Journaling/Collage

Journaling Supplies - Pens

Journaling Supplies - Miscellaneous

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