Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 16,871 - Set Up for Success

I have been rocking the Livestrong program for about three weeks or so. I am the equivalent of one bowling ball lighter because of it. With yet another (and bigger) bowling ball to lose, I have been reflecting on what has been helping me to succeed (and what hasn't). As with any program tied to results, there are things that I need to do to increase my odds of achieving my goal(s), such as:

1) Show up
2) Do what I intend to do
3) Begin each day anew

But as you know, this isn't as easy as it sounds. I can see where and how I have (and haven't) set myself up for success. For example, when I automatically dress in clothes/shoes for walking, I increase the odds that I will actually go outside and take a walk. If I have nourishing options in front of me, I am less likely to choose something junky for a meal or a snack. And if I have someone doing the program with me, I am held accountable and likewise buoyed when I flail. It's all about making it as easy as possible for myself to do the right thing throughout the day.

As I start to see the positive results that come from better self-care, I find myself wondering if I can apply the same principle to my art. I've let my creative well run virtually dry. The only thing that I have done consistently these last several months is take pictures. Why? Because my iPhone is always on hand! I am setup for success because it couldn't be easier for me to take photos. There's absolutely no excuse when a couple of taps on the phone allow me to edit and upload. Voila!

How else can I set myself up for creative success?

1) I could make Blogger my browser homepage. Every time I sign in it will be like a "Hello You, ready to write?" I can draft a post as the day rolls along rather than feeling forced to produce on the spot.

2) I could put my art supplies out where I can see them. The pencils, paints, collage supplies ... they need to be at the ready. Our dining room table is begging to be that creation station.

3) And I could make sure that I have art buddies who are willing to check in regularly and nudge me along. If it weren't for Amy, I would have fewer sketches in my journal than I do. She invites, encourages and challenges me to show up and try ... again and again and again. I am better for it. And let's not forget the lovely reminder postcards from Beth! Believing mirrors are precious and priceless.

What are the ways that you set yourself up for success in your life? Where do you find yourself stuck? Maybe we can conjure some tricks to help.

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Amy said...

I love the wine bottle sketch!!!!!!