Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 17,015: A New View

When I turned 40 several years ago, I gave myself the gift of a full week at feng shui school deep in the gentle woods of Brown County, Indiana.  I learned so much from that experience and have never viewed space or place the same way again.  I have been working from home for eleven years.  Although I have a dedicated office, you will rarely find me working in there.  I need to roam.  Hence, I've learned to keep everything I need inside a laptop bag, so that I can stay mobile.  All that's left to find is a place to land.  For a long time, our dining table room served as such.  Nice view outside.  Room to spread out.  It worked out great ... until it didn't.  I have been longingly eyeing this corner of our living room ever since I added my friend Tina's amazing artwork around my collection of suns.  I have a perfect view of our beer garden which will soon have its fountain flowing and flowers planted.  My journal is handy as are some books and art supplies.  And, yes, I use the ball as a chair.  Try it.  I may work here for a week, a month, a year, who knows.  Everything is in a luscious state of flux.  I wisely go where I am beckoned.

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Beth said...

I love this post. And please remind me to sit on a ball (I have one- just need to reinflate it!) if I ever get to work from home.