Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 17,017: An Old Blogger's Tale

I've been blogging on and off for about a dozen years.  Lately I've found myself sorely missing the early days.  In retrospect, things were pretty simple then.  There was an innocence to the process.  Those were the Blogroll years with links in the sidebar to favorite sites.  Posts were about day-to-day life ... what was being read, cooked, discovered, and mostly thought, be it meaningful or mundane.  Long before Facebook and other social networking sites, blogging was a new platform for connection.  Comments felt a lot like corresponding with a pen pal and far-flung friendships were forged. 

Back in 2001 and for many years thereafter, there were no e-courses, sponsorships, affiliate programs or advertisements.  Blogging wasn't a business nor intended to support one.  There was no marketing, per se, at least not in the straightforward approach taken today.  There was no concern about search engine optimization and such.  No one was getting discovered for publishing or licensing deals.  Please don't hold my old school-ness against me if I confess that it feels like something precious got lost when the bar got raised.  Blogging hasn't been the same to and for me since.

My original blog, Jul of the Day, is long gone.  I've had this one for several years, but continue to seek the right fit for me in this new-ish (to me) and flux-tastic (again, to me) age of blogging.  I've been trying to conjure the essence of those early days.  Trust me, I know that there's no going back.  Now I have the matter of my own wares to share.  But here's the thing ... I want to do so in a way that doesn't make you feel like I'm reaching for your wallet whenever you stop by.  Yeah.  It's circle-turning, head-scratching tricky because I can't know the sensitivity of your ick meter.  But I do know the sensitivity of my own and, no judgment intended, of course, but most of the approaches that work effectively for others don't feel like a good fit for me.  And so I sit and ponder.  And I give thanks for the handful of treasured blogs that appear to have cracked the code to the ideal balance between personal and professional, warmly sharing the heart and soul of the offerer as well as the offerings.  But it is admittedly a work in progress around here.  Just like me.  Always will be.

Would love your thoughts, if you'd care to share ... 


Amy Bogard said...

just keep doin what youre doin sister. I've never thought your blog is about sales. It's always about sharing. Maybe sometimes that sharing is of something you've made that will be on sale at your Etsy site, but its still the sharing of a creative thing you managed to do amidst your already full life. I like reading your musings and seeing your creations. Keep it up!!!

Beth said...

Well said, my friend. One reason I like your blog is it's authenticity and quiet nature (meaning that I see your jewelry but don't feel hit over the head with it or that I'll be cool only if I buy it.) One reason I like instagram so far is I don't feel like I'm being sold things but more seeing glimpses of everyday life and pieces of the creative process.