Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 17,032 Gratitude: A Tree, Tina and Toads

Today I am so grateful ...

For this blessed Sycamore tree. 

People don't normally think of Cincinnati as a magical place.  Overall, it may not seem like such, but as with anywhere and everywhere in this world, there are pocket places of timelessness and portals to other dimensions that choose whether to be seen or remain hidden.  This tree has been waving at me from a distance for the last 10 years as I've passed it on the way to my beloved labyrinth.  It stands regally with magnificent arms outstretched beside an elementary school playground.  When the trees that circle it are fully robed, it is well protected and practically invisible from the road.  In the winter months when it is more exposed, it catches my eye and begs for my attention.  In all of these years of curiousity about it, I've been too shy to stop, draw near and stand before it.  Until last week's eclipse.  After walking the labyrinth.  It was time.  With breath held and goosebumped arms, I could not believe my eyes.  After this encounter, I found my way home and did a bit of research.  Thankfully, this tree is officially registered and, thus, protected.  It's at least 400 years old.  Maybe as many as 200 more.  It makes sense that you can feel that it's full of stories.  A treasured wonder to behold. 

For the woman under it.

Have you ever met someone and thought, "Well, there you are!"  Of course an immediate friendship is forged, because on some level, somehow, you know that you already know them.  You're simply picking up quite easily and comfortably wherever in time you left off.  These are the kind of friends that I've been making over the last couple of years.  I've been pinching myself at such good fortune because these women are so incredibly wise, talented and generous.  No front yard talk here.  No resting on laurels either.  They support, encourage and inspire me to show up creatively, yes, but also (and more importantly) to show up with authenticity and without apology.  Tina and I met for coffee late yesterday afternoon.  I told her about my eclipse-ical introduction to this tree and a blink later we were in the car on the way to take her to it.  She is cooking up a public art installment that may involve a Sycamore tree, so it was serendipitous that I mentioned this one while we were together.  Then again, synchronicity is the name of the game with a friend like her.  The photo for this post is Tina under the tree, snapping photos with full knowing that they would only provide her with a whiff of this tree's immensity and significance.  She, like the tree, is a treasured wonder to behold.

For the toad medicine that came to us.

When we circled the immense base of the tree, I spotted a wee toad.  It was half asleep and half covered by a fallen leaf, seemingly dried into the earth.  When we bid the tree adieu, I drove Tina over to the labyrinth as she hadn't seen it before.  Lo and behold was another little toad to greet us.  Inner strength and luck.  I appreciate this message and medicine at this exciting and transformative time.  I welcome the reminder(s) that magic and support are all and always around me.

What magic has found and even rescued you recently?

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