Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 17,033 Gratitude: On Creative Inspiration

Today I am so grateful ...

To show up for all that I need to do and hold right now, yet always remember that my creativity is always there for me.  Ceaselessly flowing like a river that I can jump into and out of at will.  Immediately accessible.  Right at my fingertips.  I keep art supplies and books on my desk, which may seem like a tease and temptation, but they serve as inspiration when I am racing against a deadline or flailing amid the mundane.  The promise of fun to come.

For inspiring projects, like Maya Stein's Type Rider.  Although she is passing through Ohio right now, sadly, she is too far north for me to reach her.  My Grandma Krafft had a manual typewriter upon which my sister and I would peck when we spent weekends with her in our childhood.  In high school, we learned how to type on manual typewriters so that we could perfect our keystrokes.  I remember wistful glances out the window as pterodactyls flew by.  (Snort.)  In my previous and painfully lengthy incarnation as a secretary, I was married to an electric typewriter in order to complete the infinite carbon forms my duties demanded.  So what I'm trying to say is that rocking a typewriter is one of my superpowers and it would've been so awesome to rock this one, but, alas, tis not in the cards.  Like the books and supplies at the corner of my desk, inspiration all the same.

For Kickstarter, which truly rocks in supporting creativity, outreach, and helping us to help each other make big dreams come true.  I am backing Cincinnati-based songstress, Kim Taylor, in the making of her new record.  You can too.  Hope you do.  (Despite my best attempts at posting the sweet video on her Kickstarter page, Blogger would not cooperate.  Go watch.  And listen.  The song is soul balm.)

What is inspiring you creatively these days? Do share!

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