Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 16,520 Gratitude

Today I am so grateful for ...

The kind and efficient staff at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center for making my daughter's upper GI this morning easy and comfortable for her.

Reiki. Just can't give thanks for it often enough. It's always on-hand when needed.

The opportunity to have fun this afternoon printing/binding manuals and other materials for the first SARA Reiki I/Animal Reiki class that I'll be teaching, January 8-9. So excited!

The optimistic weather forecast for this Friday's outdoor labyrinth walk to say goodbye to 2010. Rumor has it that it will be at least 50 degrees!

Angels. Especially those disguised as humans. You know who you are. But then again ...

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Beth said...

So glad things went smoothly at CCHMC. Those people who work there really know what they are doing! ; )
today I am grateful for enjoying a couple hours of the sunshine.