Friday, December 10, 2010

Mercury Retrograde Thrive Guide

Three times each year, Mercury spends about three weeks dancing backward through the sky. Today begins another dance which lasts through December 29. I am not an astrologer. There are many with whom you can consult for more specific information. But here is how I plan to thrive over the next three weeks:

1) Keep my sense of humor.

2) Back up my computer and know who I'll call if things get wonky.

3) Hold the signing of contracts, launches, and major purchases until after the first of the year.

4) Proofread, proofread, proofread.

5) Confirm all appointments a day in advance or on that day.

6) Listen more. Speak less.

7) Clear up any perceived misunderstandings, stat.

8) Sh*t happens. So do mechanical problems. I'll take a deep breath. And see #1.

9) Prepare incredibly clear instructions for others and make certain that they understand them.

10) Be gentle with myself and others when mistakes are made, delays occur and things get forgotten.

11) Be ready (if not delighted) to run into people from my past.

12) Make a priority of anything involving "re" ... this is a great time to review and revise plans and projects.

Remember, it's just three weeks. They will frustrate us to the degree that we let them. Hopefully, we will be so busy celebrating the season that we won't even notice. Before we know it, the New Year will be here and we all, with Mercury, can move forward again.

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Jakk said...

Just need to state a couple of things for the record:

First, Mercury isn't really moving backward. It just looks that way. Didn't want you to worry.

Second, just because it seems like people are out to get you doesn't mean that they aren't. Did you see #1? Homemade fudge helps, too,