Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pondering Self-Sabotage

Not a pretty subject, I know, especially at such a pretty time of year. Maybe the subject of self-sabotage doesn't apply to you. It sure applies to me. Especially at this time of year. So I thought it might be worth dedicating a post to it. Awareness is everything.

I sabotage myself when I make myself a slave to shoulds.
I sabotage myself when I let procrastination keep me from keeping my word.
I sabotage myself when I tell myself that 'just one more' (anything) won't hurt.
I sabotage myself when I avoid exercise.
I sabotage myself when I make things more complicated than necessary.
I sabotage myself when I setup unrealistic expections.
I sabotage myself when I make assumptions.
I sabotage myself when the only thing green on my plate is sprinkles.
I sabotage myself when I don't drink enough water.
I sabotage myself when checking my phone becomes obsessive (and rude).
I sabotage myself when I don't make time for creativity, pleasure and fun.
I sabotage myself when I make excuses instead of speaking my truth.

There's my dirty dozen. Care to share?

Following up with a bit of synchronicity today regarding the self-sabotage theme du jour. Here is my horoscope that arrived this afternoon from Rob Brezny:

LIBRA (September 23-October 22):
In 2011, I believe you will have the chance to weave your fortunes together with an abundance of allies who are good for you. They will be your equals, they will share at least some of your important values, and they will respect you for who you are. That's excellent news, right? My only worry is that you might shy away from the demands that such invigorating collaborations will make on you. It would be less work, after all, to fall back into reliance on more prosaic relationships that don't ask so much of you. Please don't take the easy way out, Libra. Rise to the occasion!

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~Tim said...

"To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are." ~ Bruce Lee