Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 16,619: Chapters

Last weekend, my husband and I took our daughter for our first family college visit. As we drove further eastward on the interstate, each passing mile and hour was bittersweet evidence of how much further away she may soon fly from our nest. Of course, she really loved it there and, frankly, so did we. It's a perfect fit.

Our precious one and only, I will miss her to pieces when she goes. But I cherish the fact that we still have the rest of this school year, all of next, and two precious summers before we send her on her way. For the record, I never liked the term "empty nest." As long as people who love live there, it's not empty. When someone leaves home to make their way in the world, the hearts of those who stay behind expand exponentially to hold the space for this traveler's return and refueling. Especially if those hearts are of the parental persuasion.

It's an exciting new chapter that's set to begin, but I'm in no hurry for this one to end. Taking my sweet time and savoring the in-between.

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Amy said...

I love love your thoughts on the notion of a not-so-empty nest.... Your daughter is lucky to have such a warm nest to come home to when she's away at college. what a gift that is!!!