Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 16,631 Gratitude

We had a long night of thunderstorms last night and well into this morning. The grass couldn't be greener and I have never seen the trees look happier. Today I am so grateful ...

For another lunch date with crystals and wire at my workbench today. I have had this Moonstone in my stash for almost five years. FIVE YEARS! Way too long to make it wait to be wrapped. On the other hand, maybe whomever it's going to wasn't ready for it then. It's here now, just waiting to be found. The photos were taken at the workbench, right after it was born.

For Beth's post about the all-important elevator speech. When it comes to explaining what it is that I do, I'm relieved to have my day-job to disclose and describe. Easy, peasy. But the problem with leaving Jakk's Magic Beans Workshop out of the conversation is that most people don't know about this work that means so much to me. It's hard to be of service to people if they have no idea that I'm actually at their service. I appreciate the inspiration to find the best way to reveal ALL that I do with confidence.

For a successful batch of green smoothies with beet greens (a first!) and a handful of rain-soaked, full-moon-kissed dandelion greens that I harvested immediately before blending. My liver is grinning right now.

For a spicy afternoon, thanks to Numi Ruby Chai tea and Dagoba Xocolatl chocolate.

For only 30 more days until Taos!

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