Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 16,632 Gratitude

It's been so refreshing to get back to my workbench. Good juju in abundance there with all of the rocks, gemstones and crystals waiting their turn to be wrapped. I used to spend my lonely lunch hour with Food Network or the Travel Channel, but hooking up here with my mineral friends has been far more gratifying. I'd like to keep it up. Today I'm grateful for the willingness to make changes in my routine for the better.

We've had so many severe storms here over the last couple of days that I've grown warning-weary. I've lived here on the cusp of Ohio and Kentucky my whole life and realize that it's time to make peace with the fact that the wail of civil defense sirens may always make my skin crawl. Thankfully, I don't fear the sound as intensely as I did as a child, when tornadoes were the stuff of my frequent nightmares. I've grown to understand that these sirens play an important role in keeping us safe. Goodness knows that I'm pretty fond of forewarning. Today I'm grateful for all that serves to wake me up and remind me to take care.

Karen posted her Travel Survival Kit. I love, love, love when people share what and how they pack. Photos of such send me over the moon. With just 29 days left until I head to Taos, I may have to do a packing p*rn post myself. (I'll show you my suitcase if you show me yours.) Today I'm so grateful to love what I love and be able to laugh at it, too.

So how's your day been?

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Jan said...

Today I am grateful for change. I never thought I would say that but after redoing my kitchen and my living room in a totally different style I AM truly grateful for change. You see those two rooms are my main living spaces, pratically my world due to health changes so it is really nice to have new things to look at and live in. It makes me happy even on these dark rainy days I am smiling. So that is what I am grateful for on this day.