Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 16,630 Gratitude

Today I am so grateful ...

To have gotten out of bed this morning and hit the ground running. Okay, maybe just walking really fast. But first I meditated because, for me, a good day begins with it. Over the past couple of months, I got into the habit of turning on the morning news as soon as I got up. (What's up with that?) Not the best way to start the day. Not at all. But today I made a point to just sit, breath, and center myself for about 20 minutes and then sip my tea and make my list for the day. It set the tone for making good choices as the day went along. After the tea, I made smoothies for the day ... and then I took that walk ... and ...

To "wrap up" my lunch hour in the workshop, embellishing the beauty above. Now THAT is a power lunch, I tell you! You can get the details on this new I-AMulet here and adopt it, if it calls to you. I'd never seen this crystal before and could only afford just one, so this was a special treat to wrap and will be even more special to send on its way.

To post a new mandala for you to download here and color to your heart's content.

To receive my new Crazy Creek chair today, which will travel with me to Taos. I love when I see that big, brown truck stop in front of my house. They're alway bringing me something good!

To discover that beautiful Liz posted a photo of herself with her "plum-y" new Reiki prayer shawl. It melts my heart to see smiling people with their creations, especially the custom pieces, because this work is so deeply personal to me. I feel so very blessed!

And for what (or whom) are you feeling grateful today?

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