Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 16,929: On a Winter's Day

Today I am so grateful for ...

A winter's morning nestled in my journaling nest on the sofa under a skylight.  Saturday mornings are precious.  There's usually nowhere to be and nothing requiring immediate attention.  With the daughter at work and the husband working out, it's just me with me and art supplies.  Happy sigh.

A winter's afternoon spent in my workshop taking photos of new wrappings for Etsy listings, lovingly organizing the four dozen crystals and gemstones in the queue for wrapping, and making black satin cord necklaces.  I had a hawk encounter while I was down there.  It perched itself in the maple tree outside the window.  It sat.  It preened.  It watched.  At last, it swooped into the shrubbery beside our neighbor's house in an attempt to capture the cardinal that was hiding from it.  I'm glad that the red bird got away.  

A winter's evening with date night written all over it at a pub with the best fish-n-chips and craft beer list in this town, hands down.  Our waitress showered us with 2 ounce samples that came in wee glasses no taller than my thumb (despite how large they look in the photo).  I never would've dreamed it could happen, but I am becoming a coffee stout kinda girl.  This Bavarian Princess has always leaned toward lagers and ambers, but lately my taste buds are preferring darker, richer, sweeter beers.  What other wonderful things am I missing out on because I haven't know better?

For what are you finding yourself grateful on these waning winter days?  

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