Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 16,928: Wrapped, Wet and Woven

Today I am so grateful ...

For a delicious wrap for lunch.  This Spider Web Jasper just found its way into the queue a couple of weeks ago after a visit to Spirit Wind Trading Post with a local friend who had never been there before.  (I love introducing people to this sweet little store.  I'm convinced that it's invisible unless you're meant to find it.)  This stone is new to me, so I had to do some research on its properties.  I love that it's supposed to soothe frayed nerves.  Might explain why I was so drawn to it in the first place!  It also supports awareness of how universal energies and processes work in relation to the web of life, which is a purpose as beautiful as the stone itself.  I felt like it needed a Hematite bead for grounding and protection.  It's wrapped up in bright copper wire which has become my favorite of the three kinds of copper I'm using.

For the opportunity to take this day's walk in the falling snow.  It's no secret that I've never been a huge fan of winter.  I am the first in line to gush about how easy this one has been in relation to what we've endured in recent years.  But a walk in the falling snow is like a walk in the rain ... a baptism of sorts.  Well worth getting wet.

For true-blue friends who are gentle and kind when I must excuse myself from plans when the day's stars won't align.  Despite my highest hopes and best intentions, my professional and personal life had too many moving parts to synchronize today.  I had evening plans to attend the Summerfair Emerging Artists Opening with one such friend to celebrate another friend's beautiful work.  (Yay, Simone!).  By late afternoon, out of sheer fatigue, I finally surrendered to the fact that something on my flight plan had to give and, unfortunately, it was this event.  Sigh.  All of our relationships should be woven of such honesty, ease, and understanding ... especially in these complex and often crazy times.  Unconditional good-standing with loved ones is a precious gift not to be taken for granted.

What is your gratitude web woven of these days?

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