Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 16.923: Grumpitude

When I find myself worried, sad or grumpy, I make myself sit down here, at my workbench.  Just sit.  I don't touch anything while in that state.  I certainly don't try to make anything either.  I simply sit. And then I breathe.  No rush at all.  Taking my time.  Breathing in, then breathing out.  Eventually, I start to sense the energy of the crystals in the room like a warm blanket put around me by someone who holds me dear.  As I sit there, breathing and basking, I feel everything within and around me start to soften and transform.  Out the window with the help of burning sage goes whatever needs to go.  Through this releasing and relaxing, I am left refreshed and renewed.  And for the experience as a whole, I am left feeling so very grateful.

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