Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 16,926: Of Snowfall, Red Birds, Weight Loss and Widgets

Today I am so grateful ...

For picture-proof that we DID see snow in Cincinnati in the Winter of 2011/12.  Half an inch yesterday morning, which brought the season total to a whopping 2.5 inches.  It melted away by the afternoon.  My favorite weather dude told me we would normally have over a foot of snow recorded by now.  I've never been a fan of normal anyway.

For the convention of cardinals that I happened upon while I took my lunch time walk.  I'd never seen so many red birds in one yard.  It made me laugh.

For reaching a winter weight-loss milestone ... 10 pounds since November 21st.  Usually I pack on 10 pounds through the dark time, but instead I had unknowingly (okay, maybe a little knowingly) packed it on (and half as much on top of it) throughout the whole of the year instead.  Thanks to this warm, dryish winter, I've been walking outside regularly.  I've also been making better choices in how I nourish myself.  (Hello, green smoothies!)  It hasn't been easy and I haven't always been a good sport about it, but the results encourage me to stay the course and embrace these lifestyle changes for the long-term.

For the joy of the Taos 2012 countdown widget.  I am eager and excited to get back to the Land of Enchantment ... to Mabel's.   

For realizing how much I've missed these gratitude posts and having the good sense to come back around to them.

For what are you feeling grateful through these February days?

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