Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 17,299 Gratitude: Groovin'

I'm hesitant to say it too loud because of the potential jinx but ... shhhhh ... I've been groovin' this week.  Here's the cover of my newest sketchbook journal.  It's intensionally wonky.  Kind of like me.  I loved layering the tissue paper.  I loved the happy accident of smearing gesso on top when I thought it was matte medium.  I love that the corners were cut from an empty box of Tazo tea.  And I wholeheartedly relate to this horse.

There are things that I really want to do each day, if possible, like show up here on this blog and in my journal.  Some things are self-care related.  A few things exercise my creativity.  A couple of others support my business.  Altogether there are ten intentions.  Ambitious, yes, but all take no more than one hour and many take just a few minutes.  Each one makes my day better for having done it and inspires me to keep making nourishing decisions. 

One of the rather playful things on my list is to post a haiku on Twitter, usually first thing each morning.  You can follow me @jakksmagicbeans and play along with #myku.  These little ditties keep my brain limber. 

I am trying to post once a day to the sorely neglected Jakk's Magic Beans Facebook page.  I am also listing or relisting one item each day in my Etsy shop to get some energy flowing there again.  I am eating in a way that helps perimenopausal me to feel my best and I'm getting outside for a walk -- rain, snow or shine.  All of these things (and a couple of others) used to cross my mind as shoulds, but now I have a square I can fill, which may seem strange, but for me is more gratifying than I can possibly explain.  I love me some evidence of momentum.

For creating tools and tricks that support me in showing up AND for the actual showing up itself, I am so very grateful.

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