Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 17,305 Gratitude: Gentle with Gentle

I remind myself often of my word for this year.  Gentle.  With myself.  Gentle.  With others.  Gentle.  With situations.  Gentle.  With uncertainty.  Gentle.

Why I didn't choose Frivolity, Mirth or Whimsy instead, I do not know.  I guess I was anticipating that Gentle would bring with it softness, comfort, and ease.  Well, not so much.  At least not initially. See, friends, when you pick a word like Gentle to be a guiding intention, you're also saying yes to being fully awake and aware through those circumstances wherein it can be applied ... circumstances in which your knees may have always jerked in a not-so-gentle direction.  Old and unkind habits die hard.  It can take a whole lot of being gentle to actually achieve being Gentle.

For being gentle in my progress (and also the lack thereof) with understanding and applying Gentle right now, the rest of this year and the rest of my life, I am so deeply grateful.

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