Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 17,301 Gratitude: Making Peace and the Best

We just got home from taking her to catch the bus back to school ... seemingly three breaths after we picked her up.  She had given us fair warning.  This visit was intended for Valentining with her boyfriend.  Having been 19 ourselves at one point, we wisely kept our parental needs and expectations low.  We made ourselves content to bask in glimpses of her face as she passed through and reminded one another (and ourselves) that she'll be home for spring break in another two.  What they don't tell parents during college orientation is that you have to become an expert at a combination of two things.  Making peace with what is and making the best of it too.  Unconditional love is the foundation of our family, no matter how much the logistics change.  For that I am so grateful.

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