Saturday, August 21, 2010

Part 1 of Show-and-Tell Saturday

Saturdays at Jakk's Magic Beans Life are hereby christened Show-and-Tell Saturday, for the showing and telling of wire-wrapped pendants (aka I-AMulets) made the previous week. (On this particular Saturday, make that previous weeks.) The best part of Show-and-Tell Saturdays is that you get first dibs here with a bit of discount to sweeten the deal. If no one claims them, they will be posted on Etsy the following Saturday at full price.

Part 1 of Show-and-Tell Saturday presents I-AMulet #10-0726, Epidote in Prehnite lovingly wrapped in sterling silver wire. You have to see this one in the sun! It is a little less than 2" long from the top of the bail to its base and approximately .75" at its widest point. Either side can easily be considered the front.

It's affirmations, which correspond with the metaphysical aspects, are as follows:

I AM keenly perceptive.
I AM welcoming the increase of my personal power.
I AM calm and protected.
I AM always prepared.

This I-AMulet will be tucked in a wee zip-top bag and nestled in a 3x2" white jewel box. It will include an 18" black satin cord necklace so that it is ready to wear, but the bail is sized such that any chain will fit. I will also send along the affirmations as well.

For the next week, this I-AMulet is available for $39 (shipping via first class mail included). If this pendant speaks to you, please comment below or contact me directly as soon as possible. I welcome your questions as well.

If no one adopts this beauty by Saturday, August 28, it will be made available for $44 in my Etsy shop.


VisionWise said...

These are all so beautiful and lovely. I added a link to your blog on my blog's sidebar BTW... Much love Julie...

Jakk said...

Thanks so much, Lauren! xo