Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hello, August

Hello August, we meet again. This year you bring with you big changes and the promise of more to come. But we both know that change has always been your way. You are the month of fading flowers and school supplies. You are the heavy-hearted countdown to summer's end in a year when I hardly got to know summer at all. So you will have to pardon my mixed feelings that you've arrived so soon. In just a few weeks, you will give way to cooler breezes, turning leaves. I'll welcome the relief when it gets here, yes, but there's no need for you to rush off. I like the cicada song. And I am enchanted by the way that you bathe my workshop in the golden light of evening time. Best of all, I like that you hold the birthdays for so many of my favorite people in this world. So, I welcome you, August. I really am glad that you are back and look forward to the stories you'll tell.

Your Pal,


Sandra said...

Love that photo. I wonder if that is in your house. YES is just the right message to be in my house, too, I am going to keep that in mind. Thanks.
p.s. I love August. It's my birthday month, too, and just a lovely sultry month. I want to be August I think.

amelia said...

l.o.v.e. this photo! is this in your studio? where did summer go? weren't we just in NYC?

Jakk said...

Thanks Sanda and Amelia! Yes, this is in my workshop. Sure does seem like we were just in NYC. Happy early birthday, Sandra!

Crystal said...

The one thing I have repeatedly thought about your writing since being so lucky to meet you in April is that it both calms me and energizes me. This post is an excellent example of that. How lucky am I to know such a talented, talented writer!

Jakk said...

Crystal, for so many reasons, this is one of the nicest things ever said to me. Believe me, I am so very lucky to know you as well.