Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sandi!

Sandi's birthday was five days ago on August 22. I really wanted to write a birthday post for her that day, but lamented the lack of a photo. Slow but sure, I finally had the bright idea of swiping this one of her (and her dear husband) from her Facebook profile. Sure do hope that she forgives me.

Sandi and I were co-workers before we were friends. We job-shared at a local law firm in the late 90s. She left the firm first and I followed a couple of years later. Despite this busy world and our hectic lives within it, we managed to stay in touch over the years and have forged a deeply cherished friendship. We meet on a monthly basis for what we lovingly call church. You'll find us conducting services at Whole Foods, over tuna melts and sparkling water. We dish about our lives and dissect any dilemma on our plates. We leave there feeling full ... of nourishment and love. Acknowledged and uplifted.

Sandi was a Reiki practitioner long before I had even heard of it. She explained the weird out of it for me and played a big part in my decision to follow the same path. She continues to serve as my teacher in this practice and in life as a whole. Few people in this world listen more deeply. She is a healer to her very core. It is an honor to have her has my soul sister.

Happy birthday, Sandi!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Julie for your love, support and teachings as well. I guess we can now call ourselves "the church ladies."