Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 16,556: Hold That Thought

(From the Archives: 2/3/2009)

A dear friend had planned what would be the trip of a lifetime. Three weeks in Egypt. She was scheduled to depart this Saturday, February 5.

Of course the trip has been cancelled.

She had the foresight to purchase flight insurance when she booked her airline tickets. She didn't find out until after the fact that it wasn't the right kind. Bad enough not to get to go, but to be denied a refund has added insult to injury.

If I told you what she doled out for airfare, it would make you sick to your stomach to contemplate how it must feel to discover such an extraordinary financial investment has returned nothing other than dashed dreams.

But she's not one to wallow and won't sit still for pity. Under normal circumstances, she takes setbacks in stride. Yet these aren't exactly normal circumstances and this is a pretty tough pill to swallow. She's really hoping for a miracle here. I'm really hoping that we can help.

Here's the wish that I'm holding on her behalf and doing all that I can to swirl up some conjurey magic around it:

I give thanks that full refund of the roundtrip airfare
comes to her in a surprisingly easy
and delightfully pleasing way.

I invite you to join me in holding it. too. There's great power in us doing this together. Let's continue to hold Egypt and its citizens in our thoughts and prayers as well. I'll keep you posted if I hear any good news.

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