Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 16,571 Gratitude

Wow, I fell off the Appreciation Train this week ... at least as far as this blog is concerned. But, trust me, I've still been feeling it and keeping track in my mind of the ingredients in this gratitude soup that I get to bask in each day.

I've been feeling grateful for the dozen roses that my daughter's boyfriend gave to her for Valentine's Day. Days later, rich red with darkening edges, they keep me company when I work at the dining room table. Am I sad that they didn't come from my husband? No way. Flowers are nice, but I would much rather have his undivided attention on a fun, romantical date than a material gift. When our daughter was an infant we pared down gift-giving to each other out of financial necessity. All of these years later, it's stayed that way, for the most part. Just can't put a price on quality time.

I've been feeling grateful for discovering The Gentle Barn. A representative spoke about their organization on our monthly SARA member call. Oh my goodness, they are doing wonderful things there and I just wish that California wasn't so far away. I'm adding them to my travel wish list and will be supporting them from afar in the meantime.

I've been gratefully vacillating between Medium Control and Moop in my quest for the perfect messengerish bag for Taos. Entertaining options is half the fun!

And I'm gratefully noticing that there are only 90 days until Taos. That's like *snap*

What has been ringing your gratitude bells this week?

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