Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 16,581 Gratitude

Today I am so grateful ...

For my Moop Bag that was delivered today. Love, love, love. I have been on a quest for the perfect messenger bag for travels near and far. This is it. The personal message on the perfect wrapped package was a sweet touch. I heart handmade!

Art supply porn courtesy of Teesha Moore. I suggest that you sit down.

The someone in our neighborhood who adopted a blood hound puppy to walk by my house everyday. Words cannot describe the off-the-charts cuteness. Makes me grin everytime it passes by. I'm hoping to get outside in time to hug it without making a scene.

A spring thunderstorm well before dawn. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. because of the wind and, realizing I wouldn't fall back asleep, got up at 4:00 a.m. It was 68 degrees. I opened a living room window, made a cup of tea and set about journaling. The wind-whipped breeze was intoxicating and, for a moment, I swear I could smell the sea. The lightning started around 5:00 a.m. and 30 minutes later we were in the middle of a severe storm. Thankfully, not so severe that there was any sort of damage ... more the thrilling kind meant to shake the trees awake. For March to come in like a lion, sometimes February has to go out like one, too.

Last, but certainly not least, getting my gratitude posts back on track. [sigh] I can't explain how powerful this practice has become for me. I figured it would be fun this year to have a way and place to keep track of what I appreciate each day ... and it has been. But something big shifts for the better when I move through each day looking for thankful-ish things to note here. When I don't do it, I feel out-of-sorts. I start to take things for granted again. Molehills go back to being mountains. Showing up here, in this way, has a way of putting things back into perspective. I'm fond of perspective. Thank YOU for sharing it with me!

Now ... tell me what you're grateful for today!

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Beth said...

so glad you love it (worth every penny, right?!) hooray for all of the adventures that it will be accompanying you on!
grateful for going in to work 2 hours later than usual (ok, it's because I have to stay 2 hours later but still!)
grateful for Trader Joe's eggplant parmesan
grateful for new books to read