Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 16,558: Miracle!

I have GREAT news to report ...

Remember my post the other day about my friend and the refund of her roundtrip airfare to Egypt?

Well, we did it!

Okay, if we didn't actually do it, then, at the very least, we held the space for a miracle to come to pass on her behalf.

She contacted me this morning to let me know that the scheduled flight was delayed due to the curfew in Egypt. Because of the length of the delay, she is now entitled to full-refund of her airfare. I assume this is per the terms of the flight insurance that she purchased.

So, hooray! And thank you. I know that she would have much rather taken this trip, but getting her money back must be of some comfort.

Let's keep up the conjuring on each other's behalf, dear friends ...

1 comment:

Amy Bogard said...

there's power in them there prayers.... way to go friend!!!!!