Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 16,598 Gratitude

The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick Glee Club

These are tender times. I just don't know what to do about Japan. In my heart, I do, but not so much my mind. The images are difficult to digest. As a Reiki practitioner, I can send healing distantly, like a prayer. But I'm feeling weary in the face of the depth of this disaster ... like what I have to offer is a miniscule drop in the bucket compared to the massive miracle that's needed. I know every loving thought helps ... every dollar helps ... but, man.

Mustering a sense of festivity today may not be easy, but feeling sad certainly doesn't help their cause (or any other) either. On this St. Patrick's Day, I am especially grateful for green. It's the color of the heart chakra, you know. I'm focusing on compassion for those in need and the love that embraces us all.


Lauren Luquin said...

HI Julie... I have heavy heart too, but I'm lifted up every time I think of the truth in our hearts which is the purest love and consciousness... I know we can all get through these hard times, if we keep taking responsibility for our actions, and we let our hearts guide us. My grandmother passed away almost a year ago, it would be her birthday today. An Irish woman, I love her sooo... My mind is focused on green heart chakra today too!

Jan said...

Julie, each and every prayer that is sent up is truly helping. Each prayer that is said is but one drop in a bucket but these drops do add up to fill the bucket. Just as all the prayers work as one powerful mass flowing out to the people of Japan. So let's all keep sending them as many prayers as we can for they all are heard.......
Bless the people that are hurting.