Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 16,606 Gratitude

Today I am so grateful ...

To watch our greyhound, Fred, sleeping soundly beside what is likely to be one of the last times we'll use our fireplace until fall. With eyes barely open, his pink tongue sticks out through his missing teeth. It's hard to believe that he'll turn 12 years old next month. That's 84 in dog years. He came to our forever home from the track at age two. We're so grateful that he's still so happy and playful ... and we never for one second take for granted our time together.

For rediscovering this December post by Karen Walrond which has reinvigorated my journaling practice. With my friend Amy Bogard's help, I have kicked the multiple journal/diary habit. It wasn't easy. And it was funny to me that it wasn't easy because, well, geez. It wasn't like I was kicking a crack habit. But I definitely had a strong attachment to the way that I was doing things and had been doing them for a very long time. So with Amy's encouragement, I started a sketchbook journal this year and have been trying to use it as a daily catch-all. Karen's post, which spells out her "system" in detail, gave me that final push of inspiration. Her morning pages, the to-do lists, the art, photos, and notes ... seeing it all laid out in pictures ... it's helped me to find my own groove and feel really good about how keeping one journal can work for me, too. It's my travel companion now and I'm almost never without it.

Speaking of Amy, I'm grateful for her Artist's Way interview on Creative Voyage. Not to mention oh so grateful for the insights and positive changes that this and other Julia Cameron books have given me over these last dozen years. Late bloomers unite!

For the sweet and funny blog, 3x3x365. And I'm not just declaring the love because we share the same Blogspot template, although I've always found good taste attractive. What really resonates with me is the simple intention behind it. Three friends staying connected each day via one photo and caption. What they're capturing is one magical, whimsical, and even ordinary moment at a time ... not only for each other to enjoy and ponder, but all of us as well.

For Lauren's spring giveaway. Not that I want to decrease my chances of winning, but you've still got a little time to enter before the drawing tomorrow (Saturday, March 26). HURRY!

What's filling your grateful bowl today?

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