Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 16,611: First Drafts, Maximizing, and Upcoming Class

Grateful for Anne Lamott's recommendation for more shitty first drafts. Although this advice is intended for the craft of writing, I think that it can be applied to every creative endeavor where we need a nudge to dive in. See that sketch above? Not my best. Kinda scary, perhaps. Plants, I can draw. Inanimate objects that don't stand a chance of moving? You bet. But I've gone out of my way to avoid giving people and animals a try. Until today. There's a lot wrong with this drawing, but all that's wrong makes it alright. It's one shitty sketch that I've gotten out of my system. I'm a wee bit less intimidated than before I gave it a go. Now, with the first try under my belt, it should be a little easier to give it a second, third and 125th try, hopefully reflecting some improvement each time. But that doesn't mean for one minute that I don't have a portfolio of craptastic waiting to be drawn. I have a lot to learn and it is oh so good to be a beginner.

Appreciating the word MAXIMIZE ... "to increase or make as great as possible." It's a word that keeps popping up for me recently. I never came up with a word, my word, for this year. A few months late to the party, yes, but maybe this is it. For the record (mostly mine), "as great as possible" doesn't mean perfect. Just want to ensure that there's no confusion. And "great" should be easily interchangable with words like "fun" and "playful." Just sayin'.

Grateful and excited to be teaching Level 1 Reiki/Reiki for Animals, April 16-17. If you are in the Greater Cincinnati area and interested in taking this class, the details are here. I keep these classes very small (just four spots) for lots of individualized attention. The registration deadline is this Saturday, April 2, so please contact me right away!

Just 50 days until Taos! A milestone in the countdown well worth noting.

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