Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 16,889: 18 Years, 4 Months

Family gatherings have a way of unearthing photos long forgotten. These are my parents. Look at those smiles. They had logged about two months of marriage when this photo was taken in July, 1964. My mother would have been 18 years and four months old. Exactly the same age as my daughter right now. Mom would go on to have three children in the span of the next seven years. (The first among them, me.) Daughter will proceed to graduate from high school and start college in this new year. I love that, at 18, the future felt and feels bright to them both, despite their very different paths. I am grateful that there are opportunities and options available to my daughter that may not have been available to my mom at that age. And I celebrate that my parents, still together after all of these years, get to enjoy this view with me.

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