Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 16,899: At Last

It's been the strangest winter here in Cincinnati. At this juncture on the wheel, I'm usually begging for the snow to stop. This year, we've had what seems like day after day of cloudless, blue skies from sunrise to sunset. There've been a few rainy days to keep us from taking the great weather for granted. They've felt like springtime wakeup calls, bringing to life the moss and wee sprouts between the cracks in the sidewalk. Far too soon for growth so tender.

Unless I'm mistaken, we've only had one day of accumulated snow all winter. Maybe half an inch. Enough to make a little bit of a slippery mess for a little while. Then it was gone. So when it started snowing this afternoon ... big, fat flakes that stuck to everything and attracted more ... I grabbed my camera to capture the rare winterfestation. About an hour later, it too was gone.

Word on the street is that the high will be back to 45 degrees by Monday. Surely, the 50s to which we've become accustomed can't be far behind. Strange though it may be, you will hear no complaint from me.

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