Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 16,894: Stories

I'm waking up to the stories that I keep telling myself. I am genetically wired to lament any apparent unraveling. (Story.) It is my nature to clutch and defend what I think I can't afford to lose. (Story.)

But how do I know that the glorious mess of any situation isn't the precursor to the clearing of it? Let's face it, sometimes the worst case scenario is that nothing changes. So why not be open to celebrating (or at least mustering a sense of curiosity) when something shifts and uncertainty comes for a stay?

Right now, my real "job" is to take care of business at hand, which means taking next logical steps. Everything softens when I simply and gently acknowledge that things are in transition. I am now an adventurer ... exploring options and opportunities. And, honestly, it's revealing itself to be an interesting and exciting time.

Every day, we write the book of our lives. Let what needs to come, come. Let what needs to go, go.

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