Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 16.917: Transformations Too

A few years ago, I happened upon this trailer for a documentary about Frank Ferrante's incredible transformation with the help of a gratitude practice, raw food, holistic therapies, and (most importantly, in my humble opinition) supportive friends.  Donations were requested to complete the film and being one who loves to tithe toward good creative works and positive messages in this world, I happily sent a check.  Not only did I receive a "thank you" copy of the finished product (yay!), but my name is in the credits with other contributors.  I am flattered.  I am honored.  And I am so very grateful to have played a very small part in this sweet film with a big heart.  It's making its way around the country.  I do hope that you get the opportunity to see it and maybe even meet Frank!

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