Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 16,527 Gratitude

Today I am so grateful ...

For the good sense to sit down at my workbench after work today and make a few pairs of earrings. I cannot tell you how long it has been since I've done that and it felt so, so good. The wire was, as it is always, butter in my hands. Maybe it's the Reiki. Maybe it just knows that I love it. Watch for these wee beauties to start popping up in my Etsy shop in the days ahead.

For the Angel Card of Surrender that I drew this morning. "The ability to be with what is going on rather than remaining preoccupied with what might, should or could happen. Let go of the need to manage life and deepen into the peace of acceptance." Good advice for us all.

For being understood. For being appreciated. For being supported.

Tell me, dear ones, what are YOU grateful for today?

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