Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 16,537 Gratitude

Today I am so grateful for ...

Another day spent hibernating in fireplace paradise. (I'm not really watching the football game, but the shot captures the mood of this evening. Thank goodness for laptops.)

The motivation to make a decent dent in organizing my business paperwork and getting things in tax-a-licous condition for our accountant.

Drive-thru windows at the bank. Really. If I had to get out and go in, I think I'd have to wait until spring. That would not end well.

Confirming dates for the March Reiki I class for those who can't make the one in February.

Knowing that Monday is a holiday.

Please tell me what you're grateful for today.

1 comment:

amy Bogard said...

today I am grateful for a gorgeous quilt show that is breathing a second wind at a new location honoring a dear friend's memory.
I am grateful for being just ahead of 2 gunshots and not in the crossfire...
I am grateful for soulful music played by people who care for it
I am grateful for a run - outdoors- in weather that was, for winter, rather warm
I am grateful for dogs who walk well on the leash and for teens who bed early after a wild weekend of music.
Enjoy your day off Lil Miss Jakk xo~